Research Assistant Professors

Pavel Ortinski, Ph.D.
2009 – 2013

Current Position: Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, University of South Carolina

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Research Associates

Lisa Briand, Ph.D.
2008 – 2014

Current Position: Assistant Professor at Temple University

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Postdoctoral Fellows

Vidhya Kumaresan, Ph.D.
2004 – 2008

Current Position: Research Assistant Professor at Boston University School of Medicine

[email protected]

Ruth L. Reeves, Ph.D.
2003 – 2004

Current Position: Safety Pharmacologist at Sepracor, Inc.

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Woo-Kyu Park, Ph.D.
2000 – 2001

Current Position: Pharmaceutical Screening Research Team, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology

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Research Assistants

Duncan Van Nest
2014 – 2016

[email protected]

Audrey Pierce-Bancroft
1998 – 2012

[email protected]

Thomas Hopkins
2009 – 2011

Current Position: Graduate student, University of Connecticut

[email protected]

Brian Inderwies
2002 – 2004

Current Position: Operations Analyst, Silverlink Communications, Inc.

[email protected]

J. Patrick Ingham
2002 – 2003

Current Position: Graduate student, University of North Carolina